The 5th Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2013

May 28th to June 29th 2013

The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge Events Archive

  • Peking to Paris 2010

    Throughout the 2010 Peking to Paris there were regular Rally Reports direct from the front line. Those who followed the 1997 and 2007 events will remember the articles posted by the mysterious reporter Syd Stelvio and once again he was tapping out some well chosen words for us on his ancient portable typewriter.

  • Peking to Paris 2007

    The 100th-anniversary Peking to Paris Motor Challenge re-traced the original 1907 route of Prince Borghese across the Gobi Desert, Inner and Outer Mongolia, Russian Steppes to Moscow and into Europe. 

  • Peking to Paris 1997

    The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge ended in France on October 18th 1997, after an epic 45-day journey across half the world, from Peking. The event was won by a 50-year old Jeep, ahead of a gaggle or pursuing classic and vintage cars of varying ages.


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