The 6th Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2016

June 12th to July 17th 2016

The Greatest Motoring Adventure - Peking to Paris 2016

The most extraordinary journey possible in a motor car


A Full Entry

The capacity entry of 110 cars are currently on board container ships converging on China from around the world for the Beijing start of the greatest motoring adventure in Historic Rallying. 

Demand to be a part of this extraordinary event was such that every available place was quickly taken. Read more....

Peking to Paris 2016

The 2013 edition Peking to Paris Motor Challenge has gone down as what the winner of the Classics Category, Gerry Crown, described at the gala-prizegiving dinner as “by far the best yet.” He should know… he is the only driver to have driven all four of the retrospective Peking to Paris events, including the first which crossed Tibet and opened up the border with Nepal back in 1997. 

The 2016 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge starts from the Great Wall outside Beijing on Sunday, June 12th, and finishes with a drive into Paris to cross the finish line in Place Vendome on Sunday, July 17th. 

The Route

The 2013 route has been enhanced – a route that drives into the most adventurous region of Mongolia, the stunningly beautiful northern sector. We will cross into Russia and on to the Republic of Belarus with the support of the Russian motor-federation who worked with us in seeking out long gravel farm-land sections for our Time Trials and drive an exciting new route across Europe with closed-road mountain climbs in the Alps. Highly acclaimed in 2013 the challenge for the Organisation is make Peking Paris 2016 even better.

Choosing a suitable car 

The cars are divided into two age categories.... either in the Vintageant category for pre 1941 model types or the Classic category for models of a type in production before 1975. The route includes driving some of the worlds toughest terrain with participants required to maintain a demanding rally time-schedule.  Small cars carrying much the same weight as bigger cars will be at a distinct disadvantage. To qualify for a place on Peking to Paris 2016, a car can certainly be "different" but must reasonably stand a chance of coping with the demands of the event.  Sports cars with cramped interior space, minimal ground clearance and little suspension movement are less than ideal, but the Organisation tries to be broad-minded. Tents, sleeping bags, and all spare parts including wheels must be carried by each entrant – our travelling support mechanics are ace at roadside repairs but cannot carry parts for the participants.

The Classics Category will not accept trucks, pick-up trucks, ambulances, estate-cars, or what is generally regarded to be a commercial-vehicle, such as a van. This is a sporting event. Carrying heavy spares and kit is not in the spirit of the challenge. While it is perfectly acceptable for one car with a crew who wishes to be competitive can enter a second car to provide general support, we do not wish to see spare engines, gearboxes, axles in "mules" for a lighter car that is out to win a trophy.

Cars should be prepared in a period-style. No alloy-boxes on the back, no modern-looking ski-boxes or roof-top boxes. Appearance  matters. Ratchet straps come in black and are preferable to bright blue, but leather straps do the job just as well and are more in keeping with the spirit of what we are all trying achieve.... the devil is the detail, and bright green jackets when a more period colour is available is preferable, and certainly pleases the film makers and photographers. Please remember! Prince Borghese is looking down on us all! 

Cars should come with high ground clearance and be capable of running on low grade petrol. A compression ratio any higher than 8:1 can lead to piston failure.... this has happened to cars on our earlier events.  Substantial underbody protection with a sump guard, tank guard, and skid plates to all vulnerable items and ideally brake pipes and petrol lines either well plated or running inside the car is strongly advised.  Comprehensive advice-notes will go out to every entrant.

Be prepared

Participants must be prepared to “rough it” on a regular basis. Several days of well supported camping in Mongolia is part of the challenge... the participants bring a tent and the warmest sleeping bag and the ERA does the rest. Camp sites beside rivers and lakes see hot food served each night with a wide ranging menu, hot breakfasts, and toilets are set up with hot-shower blocks, run by two highly experienced Mongolian camp-support teams. Crews should come prepared to share the driving. While there is no night time driving, some of the days are long and require personal stamina and determination.

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We would like to thank you for this lifetime experience. Many thanks for the professional support and top-notch organization. It has been a great pleasure to meet all of you... support crews, medics, mechanics, marshals and the office team. Well done.

Jack Boers & Jesse Smaal - Car #88 - Peking to Paris 2013


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