A Farm Africa Thank You

We have recently received a letter from Farm Africa’s Director of Fund Raising, Pam Williams-Jones, a terrific tribute to the generosity of the Endurance Rally Association’s supporters for contributing so generously to Farm Africa. This charity is different – what better way is there to help those less fortunate than ourselves than by helping local people to help themselves with better agricultural projects to farm their way out of poverty.

Click this link, or the image, to read the full letter.

Our association with Farm Africa started with Philip Young’s attack on the World Record for the non-stop drive between Cape Town and  London – in February this year, driving a two-cylinder Fiat Panda, Philip and Paul Brace set a new World Record of 10 days 13 hours 28 minutes and in the process raised over £15,000. This was then doubled on our recent Flying Scotsman rally, when two competitors generously got out their cheque-books to make it £30,000…. since then, several Peking to Paris entrants have contributed to our fund-raising effort, firstly by buying hotel rooms on the event and then by donating a refund due for the Yellowbrick tracker devices.

It doesn’t stop here! If you would like to add to the fund, please click the link at the bottom of this item. For the background to the farm projects in Africa, check out the work at the Farm Africa site.

A further opportunity arises to increase this fund…. can you help us get nearer to £40,000? On September 21st, Philip Young will attempt a solo climb of Mount Snowdon. He has not been back since he first climbed this iconic mountain on an Outward Bound course as part of gaining a Duke of Edinburgh Award exactly 50 years ago. In 1965, he was as fit as a flea, flew gliders in the Air Training Corps… going solo a week after his 16th birthday and also shot his way to outright victory in the Kent Schoolboy Rifle Championships at Bisley, having first been taught to shoot as a Royal Marine Cadet at the Commando shooting range at Kingsdown aged 9…. so,  can he recapture lost youth? Can he make it to the summit of the tallest mountain in Wales once more?

Come on, this must be worthy of some encouragement with a further donation to Farm Africa!

Visit the ERA Farm Africa Donations Page