Adriatic Adventure

18 - 29 September 2019

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The Adriatic Adventure Rally 2019

18 – 29 September 2019

Following the success of the much appreciated Baltic Classic 2017 event, the ERA team has been hard at work devising an equally exciting ‘sister’ event for competitors seeking a fresh, new challenge to get their teeth into.   As such, September 2019 will see the first running of the ERA Adriatic Adventure.

Taking place over 12 days and open to cars built before 1976, the Adriatic Adventure promises to be a rally of two halves; from the mountains of the inland Balkans to the dazzling brilliance of the Adriatic coastline.

Suitable for experienced crews and newcomers alike, this brand new event will mirror the Baltic Classic in terms of style and take competitors into countries that are new territory for rallying.

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To find out more please call Annette, Eleonora or any of the Rally Office team or email us for your copy of the event brochure and entry form. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and offer any guidance you may need.

Phone:   +44 (0)1235 831221
Email:   [email protected]

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Last updated 15/8/2019

Adriatic Classless Entry List - 15/8/19



The Adriatic Adventure Rally 2019

Route Outline

The event starts and finishes in the vibrant port city of Trieste in north-eastern Italy which provides a perfect backdrop  for our event.  Almost before we have left the city, we follow the route of the famous Trieste – Opicina hillclimb. First held in 1911, the event was the scene of one of Scuderia Ferrari’s first victories with the legendary Tazio Nuvolari driving an Alfa Romeo for the Italian team.

Once away from the coast, we quickly cross into Slovenia and head north towards the Alpine foothills and passes that used to be notoriously challenging for competitors on the Liege-Sofia-Liege Rally in the 1960s.

Slovenia’s mountain roads were much admired on the 2016 Peking – Paris Rally and so, to ensure we make the most of them, we’ll be staying overnight in the very welcoming capital city, Ljubljana, before heading north-east and up into the mountains again to Maribor.  Maribor is Slovenia’s wine-loving second city and is home to the world’s oldest grapevine!

From Maribor, we motor south almost entirely on quiet, country roads through rolling hills with several regularity sections and a Test on the menu, and then hop over the border into beautiful Croatia and an early arrival into its capital city, Zagreb.

Day four serves up action straight from the off with a run up the Sljeme hill climb on the city’s outskirts.  We then head south alongside the Sava River to cross into Bosnia and Herzegovina then on to our overnight stop in the country’s largest Spa Hotel. Surrounded by mountains, forests and the Usora river valley, this wellness complex is famous for its healing waters.

With our heart rates and pulses restored to normal, we head south east on more remote and deserted roads to Sarajevo which has risen from near extinction in the 1990s as a result of the Bosnian War.  While the scars of conflict still remain, Sarajevo is now, some 21 years later, a city rebuilt and re-established as the leading cultural hub of the Balkans.  An afternoon visit to the Old Town is recommended.

From Sarajevo, we drive further south into Montenegro and experience the stunning Piv Canyon and Durmitor National Park before meeting the glittering Adriatic coastline at Budva.  We stop here overnight at the event’s most southerly point.

After a morning off to explore the historic centres of Budva and Kotor, we divert inland for the afternoon’s competition then return to the coast for the run north into Croatia and Dubrovnik.  We have a well-earned rest day to take in all that this utterly enchanting old city can throw at us. Game of Thrones fans will recognise many of Dubrovnik’s landmarks and there are tours to be had if you fancy channelling your inner Lannister…

Fully rested, we leave the coastline to the tourists and cross back into Bosnia and Herzegovina for an extended lunch by the old bridge in Mostar, before returning to Croatia and one of the best regularities of the event on a rugged mountain road littered with hairpin bends. Then it’s back to the coast and on to busy and bustling Split. This is Croatia’s second largest city and was put on the map by the Romans who built Diocletian’s Palace for their Emperor at the turn of the 4th Century AD – it still stands today and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

From Split we have fewer hills but great driving as we take a circuitous route to our resort hotel outside of Zadar.  This evening will be one for cocktails by the pool as we enjoy the splendour that  Alfred Hitchcock declared to be “…the most beautiful sunset in the world!”

From Zadar, we keep the Adriatic on our left as we repeatedly head inland to find incredible empty roads before returning to the coast for some refreshment.  We motor north for the day to Opatija, the favourite seaside town of the great and good during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The city streets were home to the Adriatic Grand Prix in the 1930s and racing continued on the streets until the mid-1970s.

After a night’s rest in Opatija, we head off again in the morning for the final day of our Adriatic Adventure.  On the way to the Italian border we pass close to Motovun, Croatia’s truffle capital and birthplace of the American World Champion Formula One driver, Mario Andretti.

From there it’s a short hop to Trieste where a warm welcome and a sumptuous Gala Dinner await us.

All in all, we think you’ll agree that the ERA Adriatic Adventure is set to become a firm favourite.



The Adriatic Adventure – What you need to know

What kind of event is it?

The Adriatic Adventure is a Reliability Trial – it is most certainly competitive with some long days behind the wheel and some testing times with the maps and clocks are needed for the event. It will definitely be a challenge for the car, the driver and the navigator, but it is not as tough as some of our other events and if you’re up for a challenge, it would definitely suit newcomers.

What do I need to enter?

The first requirement is a vintage or pre-1976 classic car that will go the full distance and not give you any trouble on the way. Reliability over speed is the priority, so time spent on careful preparation can save a lot of trouble in a layby with the clock ticking. There’s plenty of advice available if you are a newcomer, all you need to do is ask.

Your car also needs an accurate trip meter. A classic mechanical Halda or a more modern electronic Monit style trip meter are both acceptable provided they only measure distance. Modern electronic units which can calculate average speeds are not allowed. GPS mapping devices are prohibited. You will need a toolkit and some idea of how to use it and a groundsheet to capture any oil leaks while your car is parked. Competition licences are not required but you do need insurance and a full current driving licence.

What if my car breaks down?

We really want to see you at the finish party so we have mobile workshops with us for the entire event. If we find you with a problem we’ll do our best to get you on the road again. The ERA’s legendary team of support mechanics are the best in the business and the team includes all the familiar faces that regular competitors have come to know. Between them they have been more than twice around the world on all sorts of rallies. If the problem with your car is serious and impossible to sort by the roadside or at the night halt, the prudent entrant will have arranged get-you-home breakdown insurance.

What does the entry fee include?

You are guaranteed 12 days of exceptional driving. The comprehensive Route Book will provide all you need to complete the route. We have a hard won reputation for the quality of our routes and we pride ourselves on this detail.

A small army of marshals and sweep mechanics provide the security of knowing that help is never far away so you can enjoy the driving experience unconcerned that you might be stranded beside the road. Secure parking, metal rally plates, number roundels, identity tags, maps and guides to car preparation and navigation will be provided.

Accommodation and most meals are included, from the Welcome dinner the evening before the start to the Prize Giving Gala Dinner at the finish. Every crew completing the rally will receive finisher’s awards, overall and class winners will also be given trophies. Not included in the entry fee are fuel, vehicle insurance, car shipping to the start and, after the event, from the finish.

Is it a difficult event?

There are two answers to this question. If your ambition is to win, the answer is ‘Yes’. Although designed to cater for vintage cars the event is not dumbed down. No one is going to give you an easy ride to the finish. But, if your aim is to enjoy the company of like-minded enthusiasts driving your vintage or classic car along the exceptional route the answer is a qualified ‘No’.

Whatever your approach it certainly helps if you can read a map, work out average speeds and understand the tulip diagrams in the supplied Route Book. It’s not an event to trick you but you’ll need a navigator who can take charge of the car and driver who can take direction. It’s a team effort and those with the biggest engine or the heaviest foot might be surprised.

Who are the organisers?

The Endurance Rally Association organises epic and challenging rallies across the world. Our experience, organising more than 70 rallies, extends back to 1988 with the Pirelli Classic Marathon and includes, amongst others, Round the World in 80 days, the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge, the London-Cape Town World Cup Rally, several Classic Safari’s, the Alpine Trial, The Road to Mandalay and the Flying Scotsman a vintage only rally now in its 11th year. With our combined experience and knowledge you and your car are in good hands with the ERA team.

How do I secure my place?

To find out more and to secure your place on the entry list please call Annette, Eleonora or any of the Rally Office team or email us for your copy of the event brochure and entry form. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and offer any guidance you may need.

Phone:   +44 (0)1235 831221

Email:   [email protected]