Three Legs of Mann 2023

16 - 18 March 2023

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Three Legs of Mann 2023

The Isle of Man needs little introduction to petrolheads of any persuasion. For more than a century its unyielding and constricted lanes have hosted two and four wheeled competitions at the very highest echelons of world motorsport. Giants have walked here, and if the legends are to be believed then Mann itself was created by the Irish giant, Finn McCool. But the thing about the Isle of Man, is that whilst sporting giants compete here, participating alongside them have always been normal folk, as well as the fairies, pitting themselves against the best, standing on the shoulders of giants.

You too now have the chance to compete in the wheel tracks of giants and experience one of the very best regularity rally challenges, in one of the worlds very greatest locations, in 2023’s Three Legs of Mann. The event will begin under the towering gaze of the TT Grandstand on the famous Glencrutchery Road, the site of triumph for those titans of two wheels, but this is also an island that is steeped in an extremely rich rallying history and in 2023 the island will celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the Manx Trophy Rally. In honour of this prestigious anniversary, the route of the 2023 Three Legs of Mann will closely follow the path cut by the likes of Reg McBride and Don Barrow, who won back in ’63, although some of the roads that existed then have already passed into Manx folklore, gathered up by the famous fairies that are said to inhabit this magical place.

The island itself is faithful to its traditions, and the Three Legs of Mann is a rally that also holds dear to its conventions, and as such there will be the usual mix of extraordinary, closed road tests and perplexing regularities, all presented against the backdrop of stunning scenery and the challenge of an ever-evolving climate that is unique to the island. It is an intense event, that is said to be like a mini LeJog, and Rally of the Tests all rolled into one. The action is relentless across the two days of competition, split into three legs, including a five-hour night leg that is sure to capture the imagination, particularly as this too will mimic closely that pioneering 1963 Manx Trophy.

Previous combatants will recognise some old favourites as the rally rolls along its route, with Douglas as its base the roads will stretch out through Druidale, Port Erin, Jurby, The Garey and of course the mythical Mountain Road that sits forever under the gaze of the Snaefell peak as it reaches for the heavens. There is also new tarmac to be discovered as the itinerary pushes through previously unchartered territory, no mean feat on an island that is only 33 miles long and 13 miles wide, but roads that will no doubt be engulfed in reminders of the rich Manx motoring history. No matter where you go on the island, it’s proud links to motorsport are almost inescapable, it is in the air and is part of what makes this location such a captivating place to visit. To compete here though, that is a very special honour indeed.

So, book your place on this hotly anticipated event, and test yourself against the Manx roads, allow yourself to be engulfed by the islands spell and pit your wits against the Mountain. Legends are made here, on this piece of rock where the giants walk, will you come and walk with them and add your own name into the islands rich motoring history?

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