2019 P2P ‘Spirit of the Rally’ award winner turns author of stunning new book

The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge is about grit and determination as much as endurance, but it’s not necessarily about writing. The spirit of camaraderie is high as crews try to help each other through this historic, epic event from which great characters emerge. One such character is Patrick Debusseré, who not content with finishing the 2019 event in award winning style, decided to set himself a new challenge. To write a book about the 2019 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge.

‘Paris to Peking, The Ultimate Motoring Challenge’ is a wonderfully written and illustrated coffee table top book covering every aspect of the thrilling event including accounts from other competitors themselves.

Belgians Patrick Debusseré and Bernard Vereenooghe in their 1933 Dodge Roadster who proved not just to be great team players, but also very entertaining as they tackled the most arduous route across half of the world’s land mass.

The ‘Dodge Brothers’ as they are known, won the prestigious ‘Spirit of the Rally Award’ for their natural warmth and generosity of character over the course of the 2019 Paris to Peking Motor Challenge.

In fact, Patrick and Bernard scooped more prizes than most as their driving and navigational skills earned them gold medals, first in class and fourth overall awards in the vintage class.

There were many stories to tell after such an epic event but nowhere to tell them as there wasn’t an official book for the 2019 event. So Patrick set himself another challenge, this time to write a book on the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2019! His story and that of his fellow competitors are now told here in this beautifully illustrated book;

A number of participants who followed this project closely had this to say:

 “There have been a number of books written about the Peking to Paris but this one is different in so much as the story is told by the crews themselves.. Well done Patrick“ – Gerry Crown.

“Patrick has successfully put together a competitors account of the Peking to Paris capturing the essence of the adventure with stunning imagery and contributions from fellow participants. Brilliant!” – Bill Cleyndert.

“Patrick, thank you so much. This is more than perfect. Really very good. You can’t do it better.” – Team Andreas Pohl/Robert Peil & Rainer Wolf/Hans Geist, car 81 & 99.

This book is the ultimate full account of the event from “behind the wheel” and it portrays the vivid emotions that you have all lived through. In Patrick’s own words: “It provides a real in-depth feel of the event, the sensations, the endurance angle of both crews and machine…. The camaraderie and the display of humanity and solidarity of participants and organisers alike”


Unique in the motoring world, the toughest endurance historic vehicle event. Globally renowned, following in the wheel tracks of the 1907 pioneers.

The 2019 event was the 7th edition, 112 years since the first event.

110 cars and crews from around the world, their stories and adventures on their way to Paris.

The P2P convoy crossed Asia into Europe over 36 days, 15,000 kms, visiting 12 countries, 1,300 waypoints and crossing 8 time zones.

It provides one of the world’s last remaining great motoring adventures, pushing crews and historic rally machinery to the limit of endurance, communicating values of Heritage, Preservation, Quality, Craftsmanship, Engineering and International Camaraderie.Incredible cars from 1907 tricycle to 1958 Bentley driven by personalities from all walks of life and background (from USA, China, Russia, USA, Europe, South America and more) – united in a common goal: TO REACH PARIS!


396 pages with 855 captioned full colour graphic illustrations from world renowned action photographers

Personal accounts from competitors, maps and graphics all included

Stories of survival and determination – both people and vehicles

A battle against the elements (sun, sand, storms, snow, ice and insects)

Camping in deserts as well as rest days in cities

Competition with camaraderie – everyone is equal – Fascinating cars prepared months and years in advance

For some crews, a lifelong dream and ambition to take part (49 thrilling journals)

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‘Dodge Brothers’ Win Spirit of the Rally Award
Patrick Debusseré (B) and Bernard Vereenooghe (B), winners of the spirit of the rally award, Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2019. The self-titled “Dodge Brothers” from Belgium were a constant source of entertainment throughout the rally, despite tough conditions, Patrick had these thoughts upon receiving his accolade:

“We had enormous fun and we decided three years ago to do the rally, the fun started with the car prep’ social media has been great for us. It’s adventure and this must be fun for every waking hour.

“Paris wasn’t the last stop for me, in the absence of any official book I took on the challenge of putting a book together myself about this epic adventure. My goal was clear, I wanted this to be the best ‘Paris to Peking’ book ever!”