The 7th Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2019

2 June - 7 July 2019

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The Greatest Motoring Adventure – Peking to Paris 2019

The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge is unique in the motoring world – a true endurance motor rally following in the wheel-tracks of the original pioneers of 1907. Driving an old car nearly half way around the world with a bunch of like-minded enthusiasts, against the clock, with the added spice of timed sections, makes Peking to Paris the longest and toughest driving challenge for Vintage and Classic cars.

Who can participate?

This Peking to Paris Motor Challenge is open to cars of a type produced before 1976 and is suitable to both novice crews, with training and support, as well as experienced rally entrants. Taking an exciting route via gravel, sand and stunning roads, luxurious hotels and desert camping, this is a life changing, never to be forgotten, adventure.

The route is challenging but the Organisers welcome both newcomers and experienced crews. You will need a sense of adventure and be prepared to spend nights under canvas in the deserts of Mongolia and Kazakhstan. The ability to carry out regular maintenance on your own car is essential. Average daily distances are around 400 kilometres but, on occasion, they can be as much as 650 kilometres – it is an endurance event after all.

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The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge is unique in the motoring world – a true endurance rally following in the wheel-tracks of the original pioneers of 1907. Driving an old car nearly half way around the world with a bunch of like-minded enthusiasts, against the clock, with the added spice of timed sections, makes this rally the longest and perhaps the toughest driving challenge for Vintage and  Classic cars.

Once again the demand from prospective participants for the 2019 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge has been exceptional. With a little over two years to go before the start all available places have now been allocated.

The Event Guide is packed with essential, but inevitably brief, information to provide an understanding of what lies ahead for prospective entrants and should be essential reading especially for any applicants who have not previously driven the Peking to Paris.


Contact the Rally Office for more information
Phone:   +44 (0)1235 831221
Email:   [email protected]

The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2019 – Participants

The 2019 Route and Event Itinerary

Traveling through China, Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Germany, Belgium and France, the epic 36-day adventure will cover approximately 8500 miles and be a true test of endurance for both car and crew. You will be able to find all of the latest news and stories from Syd Stelvio, right here on the ERA website.

Peking to Paris 2019 – Itinerary

Track and support your crew by following their link below…


Now that the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2019 has finished, we have removed the tracker list. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.



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Syd Stelvio Rally Reports

Peking to Paris 2019 

Day 36. Ypres- Paris 284km

A quote, sometimes credited to Henry Ford says that “whether you think you can or you think you can’t. Either way you’re correct”.

Similar thoughts must have run through the minds of each of the crews upon leaving the Great Wall in China six long weeks ago. And today, as they crossed the line in Paris it looks like they were all proved right.

To the victors rewards the spoils and, after 36 days on the road in the most punishing rally of its kind the corks popped, the champagne flowed and in some cases, the cigars were lit.

A huge crowd had arrived on Place Vendome to see the cars arrive and, over the course of a very hot afternoon tears were shed, loved ones embraced and fellow competitors were congratulated. Whatever their finishing position, everyone who crosses that line is a winner in the Peking to Paris book of reckoning.

The previous tough day of rallying through Flanders and perhaps the party in Ypres last night had left some with a somewhat fragile disposition, but whatever their physical state, everyone was keen to get on the road and get to the finish. Thankfully the route itself was fairly straightforward and there was no competition either.

Once they’d reached Paris and rolled on the red carpet the cars then passed under the finish arch where Tomas de Vargas de Machuca, Chairman of the Hero Group handed the crews their finishers awards whilst Prince Paolo Costantino Borghese was on hand with Patrick Burke to finally flag the cars over the line.

It was good to see some of our past competitors in the watching throng as well. Andrew Twort and Claudine Bloom for example as well as Roman Kainz and also Matthias Bittner, who sadly had to withdraw from the event at short notice. He had however made the trip to the finish to see his car along with the stand in crew of Burkhard and Roman Verhaelen bring it home and to enjoy the dinner.

The Gala Prizegiving itself was typically upbeat and glittering occasion and, in the packed ballroom of the Intercontinental on Rue Scribe, Steve Rider opened the proceedings by reminding us all that we’d just completed perhaps the longest and “the toughest event in motorsport and you guys have made it to the end. Well done on your feat of endurance”.

Tomas de Vargas de Machuca, followed with a “welcome to Paris and for me, mostly watching from home it was an event with a couple of highs and lows. The high was being in Mongolia for two days with the rally and the low was leaving it to fly home”. He also explained that our exploits had captured the imagination of the world with more than 3.7 million social media posts and reposts and over 80,000 individual Facebook views. “This has been an amazingly successful event and, standing at the finish gave me goosebumps just as at the start six long weeks ago. The emotion and sense of achievement from all involved was was overpowering”.

Prince Borghese, the guest of honour added to this that his great uncle would have loved to have been among us this evening. As a fellow adventurer and traveller, he would have known exactly what the crews had just been through and would have appreciated the efforts that they had made.

Over the course of the evening, the long list of winners stepped up to the stage to receive their reward and in most cases to say a few well-chosen words.

Top of the bill perhaps, with three wins to their credit, 2010, 2013 and 2019 was Gerry Triple Crown who along with Matt Bryson have both made history and made the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge their own. Once again they took the top spot in the classics category.

Their massive Leyland P76 sometimes known as the time machine was built by Matt and his intimate knowledge of the car must surely have been a large part of their success over the years. Gerry said that this “our third win in the Leyland was the toughest yet but it was also very enjoyable. What we really needed though was a few more 87 year old’s in the filed to keep me company”.

“I must also congratulate the organisers for keeping the spirit of the rally alive, it’s the Blue Riband event of the historic world and it needs to be tough”

Matt also added that “driving with Gerry is always a pleasure, no matter how hard it is”.

Graham and Marina Goodwin, winners of the vintage category have been knocking on the door of a big win since taking up Endurance Rallying in 2016 and already have the Road to Saigon on their palmares.

This is their first Peking to Paris however and they fairly dominated their class since taking the lead way back in Mongolia. Putting any fears “that you never win the rally in Mongolia” they drove a careful road with an eye on car preservation as well as the clock.

Describing their Bentley Pyman as “a legend”, Graham also added that “It means so much to win this event in a Bentley in the marque’s 100th year. The event was stressful but thankfully we had a bit of good luck which everyone needs. It was tough leading the event for so long and seeing your lead ebb and flow.

With fellow Bentley Boy, Keith Ashworth in third place, Graham was happy to report that the Bentleys had given the Fangio’s a drubbing for once”.

Whilst echoing many of Gerry’s words, Graham did court controversy though by disputing the claim that Matt was the best navigator on the event. “You haven’t got the best navigator in the world, I have Marina my wife and (turning to her) you are awesome”.

With cheese, coffee, and desert out of the way, it was then time to slide away into the bar for a little post rally analysis.

Syd Stelvio

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Day 01 – Great Wall to Hohhot

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Day 03 – Erenhot to Inkhet Camp

Day 04 – Inkhet Camp to Ulaanbaatar

Day 05 – Ulaanbaatar Rest Day

Day 06 – UlaanBataar to Unitiin Brigada camp

Day 07 – Unitiin Brigada camp to Tsagaan Uul camp

Day 08 – Tsagaan Uul camp to Undurkhangai camp

Day 09 – Undurkhangai camp to Achit Lake camp

Day 10 – Achit Lake camp to Kochevnik camp

Day 11 – Kochevnik camp to Aya

Day 12 – Aya to Novokuznetsk

Day 13 – Novokuznetsk to Novosibirsk

Day 14 – Novosibirsk rest day

Day 15 – Novosibirsk to Irtysh Hotel

Day 16 – Irtysh Hotel to Nur Sultan

Day 17 – Nur Sultan to Balkashino Camp

Day 18 – Balkashino to Kostana

Day 19 – Kostanay to Bannoe Lake

Day 20 – Bannoe Lake to Ufa

Day 21 – Ufa Rest Day

Day 22 – Ufa to Kazan

Day 23 – Kazan to Nizhny Novgorod

Day 24 – Nizhny Novgorod to Zavidovo

Day 25 – Zavidovo to St Petersburg

Day 26 – St Petersburg Rest day

Day 27 – St Petersburg to Hyvinkaa

Day 28  Hyvinkaa to Tallinn 

Day 29 – Tallinn to Riga

Day 30 – Riga to Mikolajki

Day 31 – Mikolajki to Bydgoszcz

Day 32 – Bydgoszcz to Szczecin

Day 33 – Szczecin to Wolfsburg

Day 34 – Wolfsburg to Liege


Congratulations to all of the crews that took part in the 7th Peking to Paris Motor Challenge


Final Overall Results – Vintage / Classic

The winners of the Classic Category are:

1. Gerry Crown and Matt Bryson (112) – Leyland P76

2. David and Susan Danglard (92) – Porsche 911

3. Chris and Tjerk Bury (85) – Datsun 240Z

The winners of the Vintage Category are:

1. Graham and Marina Goodwin (12) – Bentley Super Sports

2. Artur Lukasiewicz and Bill Cleyndert (8) Chrysler CM 6

3. Keith and Norah Ashworth (17) – Bentley 4 1/2 Le Mans


Detailed Results Books

Awards List

Vintage Results Book

Classic Results Book

European Cup Results


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