Current and Future ERA Rally Events

A selection of outstanding adventures across continents and through stunning landscapes - from the original experts in classic rallying events.

Exciting events for 2022 and beyond

In addition to the regular and well established Flying Scotsman Rally each year, the ERA has several exciting new events projected for 2022 onwards. Please contact the Rally Office for more information and to register your interest in any of these future events.

  • The 13th Flying Scotsman

    April 2022

    3 days - Great Britain - Vintage

    The 13th outing of the Flying Scotsman will venture even further north, allowing crews more time to enjoy and experience the beauty of Scotland.

  • The 14th Flying Scotsman

    April 2023

    3 days - Great Britain - Vintage

    The 14th Flying Scotsman will return in 2023 to a more central start location heading up the county before finishing close to the Scottish capital taking in some of the best scenery the north of England and boarders can offer.

  • Temple Rally

    May 2023

    15 days - Athens to Rome - Vintage & Classics

    Following on from the Adriatic Adventure, the second in the trilogy of events around Europe sees the Temple Rally, starting from the iconic capital city of Athens with all its history, before crossing to Italy taking in Sicily before finishing in Rome.