Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2022 Facts and Stats

What is it? The world’s biggest motoring challenge for Vintage and Classic cars. 2022 will be the 8th edition, the first was in 1907. P2P takes place every three years, but what does it take to stage such an event?

Distance: 9000 miles/ 14,200 kms

Days: 37

Countries visited: 10

Border crossings: 10

Number of Entrants: 110

Total number of staff on event: 36

Overall total people on event: 256

Mechanical assistance Crews: 6

Number of reconnaissance trips to finalise route: 6 split trips

Hospitality team: 27

Support vehicles: 16

Highest Point of the Trip: 1900 metres

Hours Behind the Wheel: 297

Nights Under Canvas: 8

Languages Spoken on the trip and across countries visited: 40

Local Specialist Help needed (fixers): Approx. 25

Estimated numbers of local mechanical support: 50

Food Consumed: 20 Tonnes in Mongolia alone

Water Carried: 10,000 litres of water in reusable bottles in Mongolia alone

Lunch Packs: 252 per day

Medical Personnel: 4

If each vehicles trip was stretched end to end, we would go around the world: 39 times

Estimated value of vehicles on events: £11,000,000

Photos taken: 38,000

Hours of film recorded: 70

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