TV, Radio star and car enthusiast Noel Edmonds talks classic rallying and more from New Zealand

Noel Edmonds has been top of the broadcasting and entertainment business for nearly fifty years. From Radio Luxembourg to Radio 1 to BBC TV with shows such as Multi Coloured Swap Shop and Noel’s House Party which became a major ratings success, one of the most popular family shows of all time, Edmonds remained top of his game. To remain at the top for so long is quite a feat in broadcasting terms.

Noel devised many other great programmes and indeed his ‘Deal or No Deal’ game show on Channel 4 ran for eleven years up until 2016.

Throughout that time he has been a car and motorsport fanatic, he owned a GT40, he raced in the British Touring Car Championship against the likes of Gerry Marshall and Tony Lanfranchi. He even competed in the Tour of Britain with James Hunt!

Two years ago he drove in the ERA Road to Saigon Rally as part of a programme covering the event for the BBC. Since that time he has wanted to drive in a classic rally and compete properly, he hopes to enter an ERA or HERO event in the near future.

Noel has now moved to New Zealand to live. Tony Jardine caught up with him as he cheered the cars on in the New Zealand Classic Rally when they passed close to his house north of Auckland.

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