The 2022 REVS Pilgrim Tour REVS, the Morgan Motor Company, NET-HERO and Mission Motorsport deliver a unique autumn driving adventure

  • – The classic car adventure returns for a tour on the stunning roads of North Wales with support from Morgan Motor Company, and NET_HERO
  • – Automotive enthusiasts drive their own vehicles on the early Christian pilgrim route
  • – REVS community to nominate the drivers of a Morgan Plus Four sports car. Mission Motorsport to use a second Morgan Plus Four
  • – NET-HERO to cover all cars on the tour with their carbon offset platform.
  • – Taking place September 30th – October 2nd For more details contact Adam Gompertz

Taking to the stunning open roads of North Wales this Autumn the second REVS pilgrim Tour, which builds on the success of last year’s inaugural event and runs from 30th September to October 2nd 2022. With support from the Morgan Motor Company, as well as NET-HERO and Mission Motorsport, it offers an unforgettable driving adventure focused on support from within automotive community.

A tour that follows the ancient Christian pilgrim route across North Wales, the Pilgrim Tour shows the value in finding time and space to reflect and re-focus on things that are important in life. For the sophomore event Morgan and NET-HERO will let four people take part in two Morgan Plus 4 sports cars in an environmentally responsible way, by offsetting the carbon dioxide produced during their trip.

Once again, the tour celebrates adventure and community, with entrants spending the weekend driving their cherished cars through some sublime countryside. In the spirit of camaraderie, Morgan’s generously loaned Plus Four sports cars will be run by Mission Motorsport, the Forces Motorsport Charity, and members of the REVS community as nominated by their peers.

The Pilgrim Tour is also about restoration, be it people, community or even the environment. The support of NET-HERO enables the tour to be carbon neutral, through the use of its dedicated platform, and allows owners, events and the wider classic car community the chance to understand and offset their carbon footprint. NET-HERO is powered by a database of millions of registered vehicles allowing drivers to accurately calculate the greenhouse gas emissions for new and classic cars. A powerful tool in helping drive environmental awareness, it allows the classic community to make affirmative climate action.

The nature of a pilgrimage allows the chance to take a journey with a purpose, and to reflect on those things that are important, while taking time from busy schedules and daily demands. The Pilgrim Tour is open to people of faith, no faith and everything in between.

REVS and Mission Motorsport are passionate about the restoration of people through a shared passion of all things automotive, and for the Pilgrim Tour one Morgan will be run by beneficiaries of Mission Motorsport while the other will be driven by members of the REVS community.

Nominations for this second car will be based on two simple criteria: people who might never have had the opportunity or be in a position to take part in a vehicle tour before, and those who have faced struggles in their life affecting their wellbeing.

Each nomination also requires a donation of £2 to assist the cost for the tour, along with the other REVS projects which form part of the initiative’s mission to support the mental and spiritual wellbeing of people in the car community. REVS is a Community Interest Company, a not-for-profit organisation headed up by Reverend Adam Gompertz.

Promising to be a memorable event for all taking part, the Pilgrim Tour is a personal journey for attendees but one that is inclusive and sustainable. It offers a rewarding driving experience as well as the opportunity to find some restoration on a journey that has been travelled by countless people over hundreds of years.

Nominations can be made by email at [email protected] and donations given through the dedicated Just Giving link

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